Working Memory Exercise Book - Home Edition
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Thank you for your continued support of the BCAT® Approach.  We are excited to announce that the Working Memory Exercise Book (WMEB) - Home Edition, is now available for purchase.  Like the WMEB - Professional Edition, the WMEB - Home Edition can be utilized to improve working memory, increase attention and focus, improve cognitive-communication skills, increase safety and success in functional tasks (Instrumental Activities of Daily Living), and provide a buffer against future cognitive decline.  

The WMEB - Home Edition can be used by patients, clients, caregivers, and anyone concerned about brain health.  For those who are working directly with persons experiencing memory loss, the WMEB - Home Edition can be recommended to the patient directly for restorative care, used as in-between homework assignments, or as part of the discharge process to promote brain health at home. To purchase the WMEB - Home Edition, visit here.

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