A New Public Health Program: ENRICH®
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Coming Soon! – www.enrichvisits.com

As most of our readers and subscribers are aware, The BCAT Approach offers several effective systems for assessing and working with people who have memory and other cognitive impairments. Now we are excited to introduce a new public health program called ENRICH®, which approaches cognitive impairment from a perspective of prevention. ENRICH® emphasizes the practice of brain-healthy habits to lower one’s risk for dementia. Practicing these habits during the mid-life years may be critical in preventing the development of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and other dementias later in life. Of course, one is never too young to start ENRICH® and never too old to stop.  

What we know from the scientific literature on dementia is that there are many modifiable risk factors for AD and related dementias.  To make it simple, we suggest that people ages 50 and above embrace six healthy lifestyle behaviors.  These behaviors are: daily Exercise, No smoking, Routine cognitive stimulation, mood Improvement (especially for depression), hypertension Control, and maintenance of Healthy weight and body fats. One easy way to remember to practice these brain-healthy behaviors is to use this acronym:

Exercise Daily

No Smoking

Routinely add Cognitive Stimulation

Improve Mood

Control Hypertension

Healthy Weights and Body Fats

A new website based on the ENRICH® program, which will be dedicated to lowering the risk of dementia, is coming this December.  The site, www.enrichvisits.com, will have three program features: (1) details about how you can take responsibility for your health by practicing the ENRICH® brain-healthy habits, (2) the ENRICH® Calculator, which is a rapid self-administered tool for helping one determine current dementia risk, and (3) the ability to schedule a BCAT “virtual visit” (a telehealth model) to determine current cognitive functioning.

To learn more about ENRICH®, contact us at info@thebcat.com.

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