ENRICH® Program Launches
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Dr. William Mansbach, CEO of Mansbach Health Tools (The BCAT) and CounterPoint Health Services, has announced the launch of the ENRICH ® Brain Health Program. This is the latest program from the world-renowned founder of the BCAT - Brief Cognitive Assessment Tool - who also sits on the Maryland Governor’s Alzheimer’s disease Council.

The evidenced-based ENRICH ® brain health programs contains four steps:

(1) an explanation of the six brain-healthy habits to mitigate your risk for dementia;

(2) the free ENRICH® Calculator which measures how well you currently are managing these habits;

(3) the opportunity to take a cognitive self-assessment or schedule a “virtual” BCAT cognitive assessment; and

(4) suggested next steps.

The team at the BCAT developed this program to address the needs of family caregivers, adult children of those with dementia, and others who are concerned about their risk for developing dementia.  Modifying risk factors, increasing brain health, and screening are important factors in early detection and perhaps in delaying the onset of cognitive impairment.

For more information, please visit the new website, www.enrichvisits.com.

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